With Water Sandwich, Flood Fighting Becomes More Convenient and Effective

Using sandbags to block floodwater is very much trendy and to eliminate the hassle associated with heavy and non-functional sandbags, water sandwich concept has been developed to make it easier for users to prepare and set up an efficient flood protection. The concept features two parts to fight floodwater – a supporting frame and an array of water filled bags. When flood occurs, the soft and flexible water filled bags are designed to press against one another, and against the doorframe and the ground, thus blocking all possible spaces where floodwater may enter. When preparing to face the flood, people should set up empty bags in the doorway side by side and pour with water up to the probable water level caused by the flood. If the water is going over the expected level, the water sandwich will warn the users through alarm sound and flashing lights. After the flood, the water should be drained out from the bags and the frame will be automatically turned into an easy to move handcraft.

water sandwich

water sandwich

water sandwich

Designer : Hung Pei-Hsu, Li Ciou-Lin, Lai Yen-Ling and Lin Chieh-Shih

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2 thoughts on “With Water Sandwich, Flood Fighting Becomes More Convenient and Effective

  1. This is a good idea, but I'd say it needs more tweaking. It should have the ability to stack systems on top of each other in case, like you said, flood level goes beyond it's normal height. The alarm and flashing lights are okay, but not essential unless you're going to be sleeping. Maybe a more inexpensive solution? There should also be an expanding material in case there isn't a snug fit. Overall, it's really good. Something everyone living in a flood-prone area should have.

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