+Winter Insoles Keep Your Feet Toasty Warm

+t has developed +Winter to keep your feet toasty warm in long and cold winter days. It’s a set of rechargeable insoles, lightweight and super thin. You can slot these insoles inside your favorite shoes and turn them on, their cutting-edge technology is paired with a smartphone app where you can fully control the temperature and enjoy amazing warmth. This is the result of intense development for 2 years, all components have been tested and shrunk, giving you thinnest insole on the market, it’s no bigger than your average non-heater insole. +Winter insoles feature wireless charging system, the adjustable temperature makes it handy in all situations.

Designer : +t

+Winter Insoles Keep Your Feet Warm by +t

+Winter Insoles Keep Your Feet Warm by +t

+Winter Insoles Keep Your Feet Warm by +t

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