Wind Capsule System by Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule system has been designed with a vision that in the future, humans will on the ocean and they’ll need various resources to supply their energy needs. The industrial designer got his inspiration when he had the chance to visit Netherlands, a country with unusual geography where much of its land has been reclaimed from the sea and is below sea level. Standing on this land, it made him wonder if it’s possible for humans to live at a great distance from land.

Designer : Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule by Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule by Chen Xingnuo

This main objective of Wind Capsule system is to help humans live on water, it consists from 3 parts: generator unites, a collector and a city on the ocean. The generator unites are placed in the ocean where it transforms kinetic energy from the wind into electricity. This generated electricity is sent to a collector unit, the floating island, which later distributed to the ocean city.

Wind Capsule by Chen Xingnuo

Wind Capsule by Chen Xingnuo

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2 thoughts on “Wind Capsule System by Chen Xingnuo

  1. It seems like an interesting idea, but I would like a little more detail on how it works if possible. Thank you.

    -Doc O'Malley

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