Weaver Fabric Care Concept Repairs Your Damaged Fabric Just Like Spiders

Weaver is a futuristic fabric care concept submitted as part of Electrolux Design Lab competition. This little gadget is an intuitive device that extends the life of garments and fabric objects simply by recovering its colors and textile. Yes, it means Weaver can repair fabric, it has the ability of recuperating any product made of textile.

The design was inspired by the process when spiders make their webs where they can measure and apply the right amount of silk made of elements like proteins, amino acids, and water. This fabric care device mimics the property by analyzing the optimum way to recover the piece of damaged fabric. There are 2 parts of Weaver: color recover part and textile recover part, you can choose corresponding halve, placing it on top of the damaged fabric, it’ll scan the damaged area, analyzing, and copying its properties. After confirmation, the recovery process would start.

Designer : Larissa Trindade

Weaver Fabric Care by Larissa Trindade

Weaver Fabric Care by Larissa Trindade

Weaver Fabric Care by Larissa Trindade

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