Waxlamp Design by HASSELL

This Waxlamp design is made entirely of beeswax and wick and designed as part of July’s State of Design Festival in Melbourne. Designers were asked to explore the philosophies of environmental sustainability through their creation of a light fixture for a high-efficiency LED bulb. Waxlamp design was awarded the first price in this competition.

Designer : HASSELL

Waxlamp Design Light Fixture by Hassell

Waxlamp Design Light Fixture by Hassell

Instead of focusing on the subject of carbon consumption, HASSELL through its Waxlamp design wanted you to focus on the product’s life cycle in relation to our ecosystems. Based on government researches, around 65% of agricultural production in Australia depends on pollination by European honeybees, which unfortunately are experiencing a worldwide number decline. Since Australia relies heavily on incidental pollination from wild bees, they really need more beekeepers.

The production of Waxlamp will not only offer a unique and sustainable product but also raise awareness about this issue. If the demands for Waxlamp increased, so would the demand for beeswax. Hopefully this will encourage the industry of beekeepers.

A block of bees wax with a void is used for this design. The void is used to place a LED light bulb (this kind of light doesn’t heat up like traditional light bulb). Cast-in wicks, knotted up at the base, lift the lamp from its surface and together with small holes in the top create airflow throughout. The result is a beautiful light that creates warm and soft glow in any room. At the end of the bulbs life, the light fitting can be turned upside down and the wicks used to burn the structure down to nothing – symbolic of all ecological life cycles.

Waxlamp Design Light Fixture by Hassell

Waxlamp Design Light Fixture by Hassell

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