Watch The Ironing Process with B-IRON 725 Transparent Iron

The new aesthetically designed iron by Dongseok,Lee and Jihyung,Jung shall ensure that there are minimum creases when you iron. This uniquely transparent iron model named as B-IRON 725, allows the user to keep an eye on the clothes as one uses the same. Its soleplate is made with tempered glass, whose heat resistance is comparatively better than ordinary glass which means that it can easily cope itself to the changing temperatures. The overall design has been added with the geometrical criss-cross pattern across the iron with the Nichrome made electro-thermal wire. If one needs to have better ironing, just twist the handle for better results. Truly a mind blowing concept!

b-iron 725 transparency iron

b-iron 725 transparency iron

Text from Lee :
“B-iron 725 is transparent iron. It relieves you from uneasy feeling about how well the ironing is going, and provides visual pleasure since you can see how your clothes are smoothed out.”

b-iron 725 transparency iron

Designer : Dongseok, Lee and Jihyung, Jung

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