Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

The easy way for elderly to keep healthy and mobile is to do a short walk. Although a short walk can be considered as light exercise, the elderly need to break their walk into manageable distances, take some rest for small intervals, enjoy the surroundings. Unfortunately, public seating is not placed frequently enough around rest homes and retirement villages. To accommodate these situations, Wanderest, a well engineered and ergonomic seat has been designed. It is constructed of 3 identical panels (extra panels can be added for a larger seat) that can be attached to a lamp post as a resting point. To combine the panels together, a stainless steel strap is put through the indentation at the back and the strap is bolted onto the panels at two points. Then the stainless steel strap can be bolted to the lamp post or attached with a clamp mechanism. The panels are shaped with a slight downward slope on the sitting part and installed at a perching height. This way, the elderly can slide on and off the seat comfortably, there’s no need to bend down just like conventional seat.

Designer : Nichola Trudgen

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat

When a person sits on the Wanderest, it is designed so that majority of the weight is distributed back onto the pole or other structure. To take into consideration the number of different lampposts styles The Wanderest can be used on a flat, circular or octagonal pole and can be also used on a variety of different diameters.

The panels are injection moulded and made from a Wood Plastic composite. This material is very durable, cheap, rot resistant and has low moisture absorption, this makes it ideal to use for an outdoor piece of furniture.

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat

Wanderest Ergonomic Seat

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6 thoughts on “Wanderest Ergonomic Seat Can Be Attached To A Lamp Post As A Resting Point

  1. are you sure that these seats are comfortable to sit on? I mean that if the sitting surface is not horizontal, it doesn't give much support while "resting".

  2. It's an unfortunate design that makes the lampost look like it has a pair of bollocks (Testicles for the non-UK dwellers). Nice idea though.

  3. awesome fu ck ing idea really i find it really interesting to innovate public realm this way, im positive in working from your concept and developing it more for its use in my city in GUERRILLA URBAN REGENERATION

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