Vuvuzela Pen Incorporates Fifa 2010 World Cup That Can Serve As An Ideal Corporate Gift

The race has begun. No, not on the race track, it’s the souvenir manufacturers who are giving their maximum effort to produce more alluring gift items than others keeping FIFA 2010 world cup in consideration. Vuvuzela Pen is inspired by a local South African instrument named Vuvuzela and has been designed to become an ideal corporate gift. Thousands of football fans around South Africa play this trumpet like instrument; therefore, the designer has chosen this as an icon of FIFA 2010 world cup. The précised engineering of the pen incorporates pressure die cast zinc alloy with chrome plating and imprinted blackened enamel for the pattern area. Moreover, the aesthetics has been enhanced with three silicon rubber rings and it can stand on any surface through the trumpet part of the Vuvuzela. The pen comes inside a high quality box and any standard Parker refill can fit in it.

Designer : Andy C

vuvuzela pen

vuvuzela pen

vuvuzela pen

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