Voltra Electric Motorcycle by Dan Anderson

Voltra electric motorcycle is the result of a broad research of the history of motorcycling, technology as well as culture and society, the manufacturing, as well as materials. Voltra’s main target goal will be to give an alternative tech which was appealed as necessary to the success, and greener fuel to its fashion conscious as well as conservative target market. This is electricity operated that conveys by a product semantic through visual sense on exhilaration and excitement not recently addressed to the market; however, it is very crucial on motorcycle appeals to the riders.

voltra electric motorcycle

voltra electric motorcycle

voltra electric motorcycle

Designer : Dan Anderson

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9 thoughts on “Voltra Electric Motorcycle by Dan Anderson

  1. distance – 150 km
    top – 170 km/h
    0 – 100 km/h – 4s
    fast charge in station – 20 min.
    equivalent to IC bike – 100 AG 240 Nm
    weight – 200 Kg.

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