Vipp Shelter Offers Steel Shelter That You Can Place Anywhere You Want

Grab your bag for a weekend getaway, thanks to Vipp Shelter, you can decide where you want to stay for that weekend. This 55 square meter steel object can be placed anywhere, a rugged landscape framed by naked trees, silent lake, or in the middle of forest. This shelter is constructed of recurring element of steel repeated to create frame and exterior façade, at first sight you might not see the signature of Vipp, but once you take a closer look, you’ll see the relationship between other Vipp products you might already know. Slide open the window frames, the interior reveals a variety of Vipp products ranging from hooks to kitchen appliances.

The interior has been designed and constructed to facilitate you with everything you need when you escape to nature. It can be said a mobile home, spacious, highly functional, and liveable.

Designer : Vipp

Vipp Shelter - Modular Shelter

Vipp Shelter - Modular Shelter

Vipp Shelter has been prefabricated and built to fit different type of landscape and natural conditions. The simple steel structure supports up to 2 level space where the only shielded areas are bed loft and bathroom. The transparent exterior allows you to enjoy natural environment that surrounds this structure. Basically, everything is taken care of, this modular structure comes with furniture set, tableware, bed linen, etc, it offers you an easy escape from your busy hours.

Vipp Shelter - Modular Shelter

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One thought on “Vipp Shelter Offers Steel Shelter That You Can Place Anywhere You Want

  1. i love the modern efficient designs! Essential requirements in everyday life made cost efficient and resourceful. It is imperative we make change! for ourselves and planet. I found this site doing just that! I am making change .. to efficiency and simplicity.. so over whelmed with more than I truly need.. It is just clutter become waste! And our word has far to much waste! quality essentials that last. with such great technology we have everything is made disposable! I was looking for a better made old school stove / heater for my new simple wasteful space. when I found this site and it seems to mold with my very ideas I love it .. This world needs change .. I am starting with me! .. I think outside the Box I would like time to enjoy little things. The most important things. Never stop making thing for our better cleaner world! this is awesom1

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