Versatile, Future Compact Kitchen Appliances

Versatile is a new kind of kitchen appliances. It solves many common problems that you can experience with today kitchen appliances such as : space problem, so many electric wires, hard to clean, hard to use, too many features per product, etc.

Versatile is a system products. A panel supplied electric power and support to a large choice of magnetic appliances such as: toaster, steamer, coffee machine, with minimum interface.

versatile kitchen appliances

Versatile allows spontaneous access, more frequent usage. No waste of space as appliances are used and stored in the same place. Very simple and easy to use shapes thanks to the induction technology. Hermetic products mean washable product even in a dish-washer.

versatile kitchen appliances won delonghi award

versatile kitchen appliances by Francois Laine

versatile future kitchen appliances

Designer : Francois Laine

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