Versadome Innovative Modular Building System

The flavor of the season today is to have products which are attractive, effective, and can be customized as per requirements and budgets allowed. In comes Versadome, an architectural wonder which can be termed to be a response to the above criterion. The best part of this building system is versatile modular that is building system with the arches and domes as the elements of weight bearing structures while also being easily transportable and stacked. These systems have been designed so as to deploy a structure that can be erected at very short notice. A perfect cost effective solutions for earth quakes floods etc.

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

From the website :

The Versadome combines the grace of traditional arches and domes found in ancient architecture with the smooth form and clean details of a yacht. Aesthetically modern and sophisticated, the Versadome’s innovative design is also functional and utilitarian.

The Versadome building system is uniquely designed for easy and affordable transportation, assembly and expansion. It is energy efficient and low-maintenance. The adaptability and flexibility create limitless possibilities for a wide range of multi-purpose usages, meeting the needs of many in search of a light and open space solution.

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

versadome modular building system

Designer : Deger Cengiz via IGreenSpot

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2 thoughts on “Versadome Innovative Modular Building System

  1. I would like to be the agent for versa dome houses through out the caribbeab and latin america. I see true potential of your product

    jose f. marlin

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