Vanderhall All-Electric Navarro Utility Vehicle for Off-Roading

Vanderhall Motor has announced their revolutionary creations to date: 4-wheel Navarro. It’s a utility vehicle for off-roading. This company has pushed the boundary of innovation and leadership in vehicle manufacturing industry, its passion is to create unique and reliable vehicles to meet your needs for outdoor adventures. Constructed with the same qualities of all Vanderhall vehicles, Navarro offers you fully enclosed all-electric ATV with unibody chassis, smooth handling, and massive tires.

Vanderhall All-Electric Navarro Vehicle

Navarro stands apart from the crowd due to its styling. It features classic post-grill mounted headlights that can be recognized immediately it’s a Vanderhall creation. The doors are see-through, it’s a distinctive feature that appeals to off-road fanatics and casual adventures alike. You will be able to see the ground on either side, it’s a game-changer in off-roading applications. Transparent doors help to avoid obstacles that could potentially damage the underbody of Navarro.

Vanderhall All-Electric Navarro Vehicle

Vanderhall All-Electric Navarro Vehicle

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