Valmet Dawn Demonstrates A New Approach In Combining Electric Components Onto A Hovercraft Like Vehicle

Showcased at Geneva Motor Show 2012, Valmet Dawn futuristic electric vehicle demonstrated how electric components can be integrated into innovative hovercraft like vehicle without compromising its style. This vehicle was one of major attractions during the show, it was Valmet Dawn world premiere, so you can guess how visitors were captivated by the futuristic look of this electric vehicle. Although the EV components are exposed on the body, they actually what make Dawn attracting so many attentions from the public and media.

Despite many positive comments, there are also some comments that point out how impractical this vehicle is. Well, if you think the same, just for you know, this concept is not a car nor planned to be manufactured somewhere in the future. Aimo Ahlman, the Vice President of Product Development said that Valmet Dawn was only a demonstrator to illustrate how Valmet Automotive’s engineering services can combine current EV technology with a visionary design.

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Valmet Dawn Futuristic Electric Vehicle

Valmet Dawn Futuristic Electric Vehicle

This vehicle features EV components in unique and innovative way that perhaps you’ve never seen before. The blue plate that you see at the front end is inductive charging, while at the rear end, you’ll find fast-charge plug. The battery itself is located at the center form of the car as part of aerodynamically sleek and polished body. If other concept cars hide control and drivetrain system, Valmet Dawn prefers to expose these components for display purposes in a way that easily understandable. It is hoped that through Valmet Dawn demonstration, there will be more exploration in developing fresh and modern concept of electric vehicle without sacrificing its performance and appearance.

Valmet Dawn Futuristic Electric Vehicle

Valmet Dawn Futuristic Electric Vehicle

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