Using “Pull Lightly” Plug, You Are Safe To Pull The Electric Cord To Unplug

Even though it’s not safe to pull off the electric cord when you want to unplug, yet so many people still do that. The only reason to keep on doing this dangerous thing is simply because of its convenience. Well, since to some lazy people it’s really hard to change this bad habit, this industrial designer suggested a new concept for power plugs : “Pull Lightly”. He was inspired by wall-mounted fan that usually works by pulling the cord to turn it on/off. Pull Lightly consists of a plug and a pull-activated switch, which is mounted inside the plug. The switch is connected to the electric wire and would be activated when the wire is pulled slightly.

Designer : Choi Hyong-Suk

Pull Lightly

Pull Lightly

Some explanation from Hyong-Suk :

Insert the plug into the electric outlet. Release the cord when you hear the “click” after gently pulling the cord. To prevent any accidents due to unstable contact, the switch will not work if there is no clicking sound. If the cord comes out due to excessive force, the linking part shuts off to prevent any accidents. However, if the plug needs to be separated from the socket, the plug should be pulled instead of the cord. Due to this reason, “PULL LIGHTLY” is designed to be held easily in the hand.

Pull Lightly

Pull Lightly

Pull Lightly

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2 thoughts on “Using “Pull Lightly” Plug, You Are Safe To Pull The Electric Cord To Unplug

  1. That’s quite a good design and would be excellent for those with small/young children who don’t yet understand the dangers of electricals and plug sockets!

    I wonder if these will come to us in the UK? I mean in the UK 3 pin plug format rather then the continental 2 pin plug format?

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