USB Flash Drive That Can Show Space Status

The main functions of this USB flash concept is collecting, gathering and acquiring information, which can easily be realized from its innovative shape. Aside from making it stylish, the smooth curvature case of the flash drive with silver finish and glossy edge design allows it to be disconnected easily from the computer. The small display located at the back of the device will show the drive’s capacity, status of used and remaining space, and certain symbols and writings. The presentation of the information into the display can be customized by using the active menu when the device is turned on.

usb flash drive concept

usb flash drive concept

Designer : Sokolova Ekateryna

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4 thoughts on “USB Flash Drive That Can Show Space Status

  1. Love it. Very sleek and clean design. Whether it would be economically practical or not though I’m not sure but it does look pretty cool. Would probably by one if they came out.

  2. What rubbish, I think I just prefer the OS, cause it's already inserted when you need to transfer data. Looks like a razor blade imo.

  3. There is drives with eink display, that shows capacity.

    But on this device display should be really small (approx 5×20 mm), otherwise device will be too large.

  4. cool drive, i love the display function.. i think it will soon become common on flash drives to have displays showing status of remaining space. good idea…..would like to buy one if available.

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