Upsidedown Convertible PC Features Laptop, Tablet, Wacom, and Desktop Mode

Andrea Mangone has a mission to design an innovative laptop with hybrid functionality. The result is Upsidedown, a convertible PC for competitive market of hybrid transformable laptops.

It’s everything you need in a laptop, Upsidedown features a 360-degree hinge, multi-touch screen, and pen sensitive Wacom technology. It is also equipped with a detachable wireless keyboard where it can be adapted to any different usage scenarios.

Upsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea Mangone

Upsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea Mangone

Andrea Mangone explains that you can transform this laptop into 4 different modes: laptop, tablet, Wacom, and desktop. Upsidedown convertible PC can be used to finish your work on the train or coffee shop in laptop mode. You can use it as a traditional laptop and with additional advantage of multi-touch screen. You can use Tablet mode when you have to make a presentation in front of your clients, playing games, or take notes in a classroom. Simply switch it into a tablet, it is highly possible since it supports multi-touch screen. For designers, sketching is part of their routines. With Wacom mode, Upsidedown PC offers a nice platform for digital sketching, thanks to angle customization, it’s possible to get the perfect position.

Just in case you would rather to use a desktop computer, Upsidedown PC can also deliver that. When working on a desk, you can switch this device into all-in-one desktop computer, detach the screen and position it on a higher level, detach the keyboard for ergonomic and high comfort. When not in use, this PC can be stored just as a traditional laptop.

Upsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea Mangone

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Upsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea MangoneUpsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea MangoneUpsidedown Convertible PC by Andrea Mangone

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