Universal EONE Bradley Edge Tactile Watch Is A Stylish Watch for Everyone!

You’ve seen Bradley timepiece that we have featured previously, this time, EONE comes back with Bradley Edge tactile watch. It’s a universal watch that features a black ceramic face with raised circles that radiate out from the center. It’s definitely look cooler than the previous model, the combination of those sleek, raised markers and a charcoal canvas strap, this watch is definitely a stylish one. [Buy It Here]

EONE Bradley Edge Tactile Universal Watch

EONE Bradley Edge Tactile Universal Watch

You can read the time at a glance, but for those who are visually impaired, they can feel time by touching the watch. Bradley Edge watch from EONE has two magnetized ball bearings that move around the watch face in separate tracks. One track around the center of the watch face represents the minute, another track around the outside edge represents the hour. A triangular marker is used to mark “12”, line segments are used to mark “3”, “6”, and “9”, then shorter line segments are used for the rest of numbers. Even though this watch still works in brief contact with water, it is not intended for submersion in water or high intensity sports. [Buy It Here]

EONE Bradley Edge Tactile Universal Watch

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