Unity Home Theater System : No More Messy Cables and Multiple Remote Control

RKS Design in collaboration with In2Technologies have developed Unity Home Theater System that enables you to enjoy clutter free home theater experience. You can now say good bye to those messy cables, confusing setup and multiple remote controls. You’ll be able to spot this device this week at the 2012 Consumer Electronic Show, Las Vegas. It will be making its debut at the CES and you can be sure that you’ll be able to get your hands on this device this summer and keep it in your living room if you have a thousand bucks.

Designer : RKS Design and In2Technologies

Unity Home Theater System

Unity Home Theater System

Unity Home Theater System offers you not only impressive A/V performance with its full-range speakers in a pedestal style platform called the tShape but also an elegant design for modern style conscious consumers. One of its main goals is to fill the gap that exists in current market between soundbars, HTIBs and separate components, it allows you to interact with your media library in different ways for utmost home theater experience.

“Unity was designed as much more than a Home Theater solution, adding simplicity, elegance and lifestyle alignment to tremendous acoustic performance, in order to provide a more unified entertainment experience, purchase experience and set-up experience,” explains RKS’ CEO Ravi K. Sawhney.

In2Technologies also adds that their collaboration with RKS has helped to realize their vision of a simple, modern and elegant home theater product that meets the aesthetic requirements of consumers looking for a system that could blend perfectly in their homes and deliver amazing sound.

Unity Home Theater System

Unity Home Theater System

RKS design team worked really hard to develop this award winning industrial design solution. The brand helps to connect with the target audiences. The result is sleek and modern design that offer user a better technology experience and lifestyle enhancing, Unity Home Theater System.

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3 thoughts on “Unity Home Theater System : No More Messy Cables and Multiple Remote Control

  1. How much, when & where.
    Adapt HD TV from other brands, Nice.
    Markets for:
    Cruise ships
    R&D Labs
    Theme parks
    Home decor stores.
    VA centers.

    Must sell via Best Buy.

  2. I can't wait to get this in my home! All that sound in such an elegant and contemporary package. My girlfriend is going to love the "no-mess" wiring.

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