United Airlines First Class Suite

With customer satisfaction the driving factor, companies are trying to give that extra comfort to the customers. The companies want a satisfied customer and are hence extended to the customers. Given on the same lines, comes the United Airlines International First Class Suite.

In the first look it looks somewhat futuristic. The best thing is that it gives the exclusive privacy for the First Class traveler with everything their own in. Yes luxury has a new address! These S shaped cabins consist of seats which recline to give that extra comfort, the seat reclines into a fully flat bed, so passengers can sleep. There is iPod connectivity so passengers can plug in there iPod and view content on the FC suites large video monitor. Also TV for audio visual entertainment and a working table complete with drawers and storage spaces so that you can catch up with office if needed. And of course the space to keep that drink while catching up on the latest movie.

Mark Peurifoy, the designer also mentioned that United FC suite is currently flying on some international routes and will be introduced on selected Boeing 777, 747, 767 international routes during 2008/2009.

united airlines first class suite

united airlines first class suite

The USP of this design is that there is no wastage of space. With emphasis on optimum utilization of space, this is the design is something that any business traveler would approve of. United Airlines having understood that requirement seems to have done in these interiors to jazz up the business traveler of the future. So what are you waiting for, fasten your seat belts and get going!

united airlines first class suite

united airlines first class suite

united airlines first class suite

Designer : Mark Peurifoy

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6 thoughts on “United Airlines First Class Suite

  1. Very nice but the screen seems a bit too far away for my liking. In club on BA flights they are very similair. All be it a bit downgraded one can still see the similarities between BA club and United Airlines first. The screens in BA club are a little smaller but you can move them to your desired viewing angle and most are touchscreens.

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