Unique Photographic Experience with “Object” by George Watson

George Watson has designed his new gizmo which he has named as ‘Object’. He says that it’s a photographic experience, as the main inspiration for designing the product was to relate the digital data with the physical object and create meaningful links between them. He has won the vetch telecommunication award for this innovative product wherein once the images are taken using the camera, the exchange converts them into the domestic item by tagging the artifact through a small rfid chip in the device. The device is surely helpful and comes handy when instructing or introducing products to the ones who can’t identify the same.

object photographic experience

object photographic experience

object photographic experience

Designer : George Watson

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3 thoughts on “Unique Photographic Experience with “Object” by George Watson

  1. The video fails. All I see is a black school dinner tray to be honest and I don't understand what the concept really is to be honest. It is supposed to make things more simple but it seemed like an awful lot to do just to look at some pictures on a black school dinner tray.

  2. Very cool device. I only see black as well. I think the concept is to create connections between physical objects and virtual items, much like the human brain recovers memories by sight.

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