UGO Social Animal Is Designed for Patients with Alzhemeir’s

UGO Social Animal is a concept project designed specially for patients with Alzhemeir’s. The transition between home and the EHPAD (or Accommodation Facility for Dependent Elderly) can be really difficult for patients with Alzheimer’s, they need help to adapt to their new social and spatial reference points.

UGO is a social animal integrated in the practices of AAT, in particular for people with dementia. During the day, this little animal can be used as cushion for the residents, and it sleeps at night. This toy can be used to promote communication between the residents and their care takers, touching different areas of body of UGO can result in different reactions, including different facial expressions or sounds. There are six main human expressions: joy, sadness, surprise, fear, anger, and disgust. Each facial expression is associated with different song to express corresponding feeling.

Designer : Baptiste Chevalier

UGO Social Animal by Baptiste Chevalier

UGO Social Animal by Baptiste Chevalier

Even though there are already similar products on the market, UGO design offers low manufacturing cost, it can be mass produced easily since it consists of standard components and other 4 recyclable molded plastic parts. UGO is shockproof and is resistant to cleaning products due to its silicon material.

UGO Social Animal by Baptiste Chevalier

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