UDX Airwolf eVTOL Hoverbike with Electric Ducted Fans for Personal Vehicle

A personal flying vehicle shouldn’t be just a fantasy, today’s technology has made it possible to manufacture a compact VTOL. UDX combines cutting-edge technologies to challenge the old ways of flying, the design team consists of fearless and canny engineers, they want to bring futuristic vehicle to current world. UDX Airwolf is an eVTOL hoverbike, it’s capable of vertical take-off, vertical landing, and transition to forward flight. It has compact wings that when they lift, it provides energy savings for longer flight. This mechanism brings a breeze to the flight while maintaining an alacrity of a hummingbird.

Airwolf eVTOL has motors with tilt ability that provides user the power to control flight in challenging locations where absolution precision is required.

UDX Airwolf eVTOL Hoverbike

Airwolf eVTOL Hoverbike doesn’t use conventional large propellers, it uses electric ducted fans, a design for the future. The app of EDFs would enhance safety of the passengers and their surroundings. The use of thrust for much smaller diameter compared to the conventional propellers makes it easier to store for quick transportation. Therefore, UDX Aero believes this vehicle is suitable for both urgent transport to and from hard to access locations, recreation, or even sport.

With the use of lift surfaces results in lower energy consumption during horizontal flight, it means that flight range can be significantly increased. Those wings are designed to make sure they are efficient for fairly low flight speeds. Using carbon composite for the wings, this hoverbike is very light yet has sturdy structure. The wings are also capable to bear both aerodynamic load, especially the load from the EDFs located on the ends of both wings. It’s a practical vehicle for a single person who needs to get to their hard-to-reach destination, fast and safe.

UDX Airwolf eVTOL Hoverbike

UDX Airwolf eVTOL Hoverbike

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