TwoTwo, 2 Seater Electric Car That Transforms into 4 Seater at The Press of A Button

German designer Ramin Ansari has designed a car that seemed to be picked direct from a Sci Fi comic book. Two Two is what they call and is an electric car which can be transformed from a 2 –seater to a 4 –seater at the press of a button! While the 2 seater length is 2.5 meters, and the 4 seater is almost 3.1 meters long. It is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries which are coupled with 4 wheel hub engines. Delivers a power output of 100kW, allowing a range of 250 kms in a full charge. To recharge the car, it takes 3.5 hours. So all you James bond fans, this one is surely made for you!

twotwo car concept

twotwo car concept

twotwo car concept

twotwo car concept

Designer : Ramin Ansari

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6 thoughts on “TwoTwo, 2 Seater Electric Car That Transforms into 4 Seater at The Press of A Button

  1. Now the hard part – explaining what value there is in being able to extend and retract the length f a car. It still weighs the same,

    so what exactly do you think you are gaining

    from all that complicated machinery and extra expense? Only the overly compliocated German engineers would ever bring forth a solution

    looking for a problem that it can solve. –edited by admin–

  2. I would like to comment on the statement:

    I would not see this design as something heavy and complicated. This is a try of explaining and illustration a new solution for future transportation in cities. With today's technology the car would not way like a smart of course.. But as you realize in other industries, technology develops and cell phones have colored displays, GPS, Internet, helping and supporting us, short: adjust to our needs and desires.

    A designer's task is to creatively build up ideas for the future and solve problems.

    My goal is the create things that adjust to you, instead of you adjusting to the design. The Twotwo is a sporty and trendy designed car, that adjust to problems of inner cities perfectly.

    Thus, please do not judge by technology, without technology, we would not have cars with integrated Navigation systems, air-conditioning, power steering, powered windows, safety features like ESP etc..


    Ramin Ansari

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