TurnOn, Multifunctional Rotating Furniture

This device has got me to think about my lifestyle. For decades, architects, designers have been coming up with what we say an “impossible invention”. But we know that no one even thought flying like a bird but it was made possible by mankind for mankind. But living in a house with spinning walls instead of fixed walls makes me go wild! It is based on a similar principle that is used in hamster wheels. It’s you who have to decide whether you want to live as a rodent. Not really. The Multi Functional Spinning Wall as its name will make your head spin. It consists of arrangements of modules and their function changes as u spin it. It’s innovative but is it practically possible? Think about it!

The more you work at a time the more you are considered as “talented” and this product makes you a dummy head. If one is sleeping then the other member can’t get a cup of tea. If you want to sleep then your roommate has to go hungry till the time your alarm rings. It’s not a good idea to use it I guess. Waste of money and it doesn’t generate proportional benefits. There should be some better solution for saving space.

TurnOn rotating room

Source : Dvice

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One thought on “TurnOn, Multifunctional Rotating Furniture

  1. Something like this might be suitable for SPACE use… You know? That way,ALL aspects could be used, simultaneously, due to zero gravity. Perhaps this could be an extension of the ISS?? You should consider submitting this to NASA, or something!

    Also, check out some of the production involved in the making of Stanley Kubrick's film, "2001: A Space Odyssey". They used a rotating set, in order to achieve some of thier camera tricks – pretty neat stuff! 🙂

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