Turning Power Charger Utilizes Kinetic Energy To Gain Its Power

The world has undergone a lot of technological changes with an array of portable electronic gadgets purchased over the globe. The only drawback of using electronic devices is that of the utility bills. To cope up such a situation, industrial designers have begun creating eco-friendly products to help devices operate with renewable energy. Cindy Karimun, an industrial designer has come up with a new eco-friendly product, Turning Power Charger, a device that uses kinetic energy to get its power.

This concept charger, resembling the shape of a water drop, is based on the theory of electromagnetic induction. All we have to do is just to keep turning the charger until the inside spring is tightened and released. Through the friction of this turning motion, all energy generated during the process is stored in a built-in battery, which can later be transferred to your portable devices through USB port. “Turning Power Charger” also includes 3 LED bulbs that light up to notify the user about the charging condition, and automatically off after fully charged.

Designer : Cindy Karimun

Turning Power Charger

Turning Power Charger

Turning Power Charger

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2 thoughts on “Turning Power Charger Utilizes Kinetic Energy To Gain Its Power

  1. This is stunning. I would use this everywhere to charge my mobile device. And sometimes I need a light because I end up in a dark place or it's night and I don't want to disturb anyone by turning the lights on. Perfect for camping. Needs to be element proof. Fire, water, and electricity.

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