Tuft+Paw Happy Camper Cat Bed with Double-Sided, Faceted Panels

Happy Camper Cat Bed looks like a modern take on a classic teepee. It’s totally adorable design that features faceted panels which are finished with wood veneer on one side and scratch resistant felt on the other. So even when your cat doesn’t feel like it, you can encourage him/her to start using it as a scratching spot. You can reverse it as you want to offer your cat a welcoming shelter or as a scratchable felt surface. Inside this modern teepee, your cat will find a cozy custom-fit cushion to rest while peeking through the panels to keep an eye on its surroundings. [Buy It Here]

Tuft+Paw Happy Camper Cat Bed

Happy Camper Cat Bed from Tuft+Paw offers design conscious cat owner with a modern, playful pet furniture. It’s sturdy and stable enough for your cat to stay inside, it’s like a little cave where your cat can nap while keeping you company in the living room. This cat teepee would look good in your home since the design team is also the same people who creates human furniture too. [Buy It Here]

Tuft+Paw Happy Camper Cat Bed

Tuft+Paw Happy Camper Cat Bed

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