tScan : Sleek and Compact Scanner Concept

You are getting into the last minute preparation for all important presentation. All the slides are in order and suddenly you realize one important piece of information has not been added! All you have is a print out; you need to scan it and no scanner to be found. tScan is a concept scanner, designed by Giuseppe Russo. The best thing about the scanner is that it is sleek and compact. With dimensions 350mm x 100mm and a thickness of 35mm, it’s just the right size for you.

tScan scanner concept

As they say good things come in small packages, this pocket sized powerhouse, has A4, A3 and tape scan mode. And the advantage is that you can carry it anywhere with you. It is compact on the desk, doesn’t occupy much space and with the sleek you can flaunt it anywhere.

tScan portable scanner concept

With the buttons in place to select the mode i.e. A3, A4or Tape mode, and guide and roller in place so that it can guide the paper through it, the top portion has the optical so that it can scan the document. Also one can detach the scanner and place it on top over the document to scan it e.g. while scanning a book and then chose the mode and voila … you have a scanned copy for the page!

tScan compact scanner concept

tScan portable compact scanner concept

tScan sleek and compact scanner concept

tScan portable sleek scanner concept

Designer : Giuseppe Russo

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4 thoughts on “tScan : Sleek and Compact Scanner Concept

  1. Where can I buy this???!!! I need a scanner similar to this that can scan long, continuous documents such as well logs. Are investors needed to facilitate completion of this scanner?

  2. I have been desperately trying to find a compact A3 scanner, and THIS. IS. IT! I want one! May the Universe conspire to get this product out in the market! (And it looks darn pretty, too.)

  3. A GOOD portable A3 scanner must :
    1. Scan both sides at a time
    2. Include Bluetooth, WIFI and USB Connection
    3. Have a removable top also usable as hand scanner
    4. Be smaller : 320 (to fit in computer bags) x 40 (to be hold in your hand) x 30 mm max.
    5. Include batteries (required for Bluetooth and WIFI connection)
    6. Include a small sheet feeder

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