Trigon Personal Electric Vehicle Features Simplicity with Ultimate Efficiency

The Trigon personal electric vehicle concept features practicality, usage convenience, excellent aesthetics and unique simplicity to make it a perfect ride for today and the near future. This vehicle is extremely energy efficient by being lightweight and has been designed for one person riding. The three wheel design is powered by a couple of electric wheel motors and creates a triangular footprint with maximum functionality. The compact ergonomic design of trigon will ensure more space efficiency and smooth driving has been ensured by featuring rear wheel steering operation, twin air chamber tires, soft front bumper and anti snow/ice device. The cockpit architecture and position of the driver has been designed with fewer competent to make it simple and is manufactured with recyclable elements.

trigon personal electric vehicle

trigon personal electric vehicle

trigon personal electric vehicle

Designer : Alexandros TH Katinis and Kim Katinis

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