Trias Prosthetic Foot from Otto Bock

It’s a great news for persons with amputations, trias has design a prosthetic foot that not just offer excellent gait characteristics(energy-saving rollover, improved gait symmetry), reduce the loads on the amputee’s contralateral limb, but also comes with extraordinary look. As our ever-changing world becomes more complex and more dynamic, it is especially important for persons with amputations to be able to live a balanced, self-determined life of fulfilment. The use of a functional and comfortable prosthetic system is an essential contributor to the happiness and well-being of persons with disabilities. In the area of prosthetic feet, Otto Bock’s 1C30 Trias represents an ideal solution to meet these critical needs. The Trias is a synthesis of creative, modern design realised in a lightweight and efficient construction. The foot was developed by an intercultural and interdisciplinary project team using patient requirements and customer needs as a basis for their work. Hopefully this product can help the one who need it.

otto bock trias prosthetic foot

Source : Otto Bock

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2 thoughts on “Trias Prosthetic Foot from Otto Bock

  1. HI, I need to know the price of this footpiece urgently. I'm going to have my right leg amputated next month. So I'm trying to select the best limb for me within my financial reach.

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