Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

The Deco Rides Liner and Scoot concept is combined with a Lincoln Sedan Delivery 1939 car, modernized by unique front-wheel drive chassis design developed by a team under Gary Brown and a 92 Harley Sportstar. The car Deco Rides Liner took around 3 years to develop that features a 9-foot sliding area powered by an electric motor in the center of the car where the bike can fit in easily. Though both the car and the bike contain all the innovative facilities that can usually be seen in latest cars, they still got the conventional appearance both from inside and outside.

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

deco rides liner and scoot

Designer : Decorides

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9 thoughts on “Traditional Deco Rides Liner and Scoot Meets Modernity

  1. Needs bigger side windows, & other ext color schemes, & modify other bikes for Scoot bike IE Victory Vision.

    Otherwise Id rent this, way Cool.

    Have a Vette V8, Hybrid engine power this.

    Must for Rental market alone.

  2. thats an amazing car and bike, that would be awesome seeing that riding down the road..but how is it on gas? a car like that carrying a bike in the back has to get bad miles.

  3. Seems to be very functional, No worry for color schemes though. Would need to be higher powered to carry the load and must find a better safer way to store the bike. Classy all together, but would love a more modern version for smaller bikes and crotch rockets. I love it.

  4. Wooooow!

    Reminds me of the Fiery Phoenix from "G-Force" (Gatchaman) and how it could hold the other vehicles the team used. With the main one going up the back just like the bike in this vehicle. It would probably work better with an SUV or something bigger where the bike could stay seperated back from the driver area.

    If that thing carried a carbuerated bike the whole interior would smell like gas when you came back to the car.


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