Tracer HUD – Speed Monitoring System

As of late, young motorists have become a target in the media due to their high fatality rate as a result of speeding. Tracer HUD is an after market HUD projection and speed monitoring system designed for use by motorists under the age of 25. Utilizing the latest advances in GPS and laser projection technology, the system will notify the user of their current speed and location in the form of a Heads Up Display.

speed monitoring system

(HUD) projected on the windscreen. While at the same time, it can be retrofitted into an existing automobile without the need for hardwiring or permanent installation mounts. The secondary function of the system is to act as a surveillance device. If the driver of the vehicle exceeds a pre-determined speed limit, the device will record and notify a nominated party of the violation. Thus driver’s holding an unsupervised license will still have their driving behavior monitored.

tracer hud, speed monitoring system

future speed monitoring system

futuristic vehicles speed monitoring system

Designer : Mitchell Brown

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3 thoughts on “Tracer HUD – Speed Monitoring System

  1. Is this unit available for purchase right now, or is it still in the beta testing phase. Also, about how much will this unit cost and how is it installed in a vehicle? Thank you for your time and efforts.

  2. thats nice


    im alaa alsadi the markting manager of al amal technology based on abu dhabi-UAE

    we are so intrested on this product please send us more technical information about it and the price for such system

    thanks alot and best regards

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