Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover for Casualcore Outings

Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover targets millennial-aged professionals who don’t want to be confined in the city. There’s a growing urge to get away from busy, city life and most often that not, these getaways are unplanned. This concept crossover is the future of Toyota four-wheel drive crossover. It is jam packed with unique features and rugged charm compact design, FT-4X would be an ideal vehicle for casualcore (not hardcore) outings.

Designing FT-4X was a fun experience for the design team since this car looks cool and fun to drive. The design process began at the rear because after extensive researches, the design team noticed that basecamp for Gen Y explorers was often the destination itself. Any memorable experiences were had in and around this basecamp, usually at their vehicle’s hatch or tailgate.

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Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover Car

Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover Car

The exterior is inspired by X Theme throughout Toyota’s C-Platform. Imagine a flat X where on each of those four corners at the bottom lies an 18-inch wheel wearing a custom 225/55R-18 Goodyear All-Season tire. You can see a vertical picture window set above the driver’s side rear fender, this design pays homage to the classic version of Pickup Xtracab truck. The body design features simple sturdiness front to back, top to bottom. The rear hatch can be opened in two modes: horizontally in Urban Mode, and vertically in Outdoor Mode. The Urban Mode can split the hatch in half, making it easier for gear loading when clearance is limited. Outdoor Mode opens the one-piece hatch upward, creating a nice, temporary shelter from the elements. The rear door handle is discretely placed fore of the vertical window, just like it’s on Toyota C-HR.

There’s a built-in GoPro HERO5 Session camera inside driver’s side rearview mirror, so whenever there’s cool or heroic scenery, everything can be captured in real-time.

The interior offers a large open space, it’s like a rolling gear box. The cabin of the car is categorized into three areas: Clean Zone, this is where the front passengers sit, Wet Zone (behind passenger seats), where passengers can stow damp swimsuits or snow clothing, and the last area, Rear Cargo Zone.

More images of Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover:
Toyota FT-4X Concept Crossover CarToyota FT-4X Concept Crossover CarToyota FT-4X Concept Crossover CarToyota FT-4X Concept Crossover CarToyota FT-4X Concept Crossover CarToyota FT-4X Concept Crossover Car

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