TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD Watch

Get noticed from people near you with the new Kisai Rogue SR2 LCD watch from TokyoFlash. Unlike other TokyoFlash’s watches where you need to touch a button to illuminate the LED in order to read the time, wearing this watch, the time can be read at a glance. Available in four colors (blue, orange, green, and red), this watch features slim, curved case design, with solid adjustable stainless steel strap. Reading the time on this watch is easy, yet it creates a sense of mystique to the uninformed. User can choose to illuminate the watch with bright LEDs at the touch of a button to read the time easily during night time.

The inner ring represents the hours, as you can see the gap in the ring shows the current hour as on a clock face. The ring of large blocks informs you about the minutes the same way as the hours, using the gap in the ring. The outer ring of small dots represents exact minutes, every fifth dot being slightly smaller to distinguish five minute groups. Just look where the gaps are. [Buy TokyoFlash Kisai Rogue SR2 $179]

From : TokyoFlash

TokyoFlash Kisai rogue SR2 LED Watch

TokyoFlash Kisai rogue SR2 LED Watch

TokyoFlash Kisai rogue SR2 LED Watch

TokyoFlash Kisai rogue SR2 LED Watch

TokyoFlash Kisai rogue SR2 LED Watch

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    • Hi Renante, you can check if your watch use standard battery just go to your local watch shop for a replacement, but if it's non-standard batteries, you can contact Tokyoflash for further instructions.

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