TokyoFlash Kisai Console Watch

Tokyo Flash has unveiled Kisai Console as their latest concept to reality watch. Voted by fans, Kisai Console, originally called Bright Time, has been developed based on feedback and now it’s available for you to buy for $200. Using only high quality stainless steel, Console features 3 carefully drilled zones, each one fitted with a curved, smoked mineral crystal glass lens for the light to be clearly diffused within each segment to display the time. A single button touch will illuminate the 3 separate screens with vivid green lights.

The biggest screen displays 12 numbers that represent the hours, while the lower screen displays five minute intervals in clockwise direction, from bottom left. The last screen displays single minute from 1-4. You can read the original concept from their blog.

Designer : TokyoFlash [Buy Kisai Console $200]

TokyoFlash Kisai Console

TokyoFlash Kisai Console

TokyoFlash Kisai Console

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