Portable Washer by Toto

When you found out you can’t wash your butt after doing your business , you might start having panic attack. Worries no more, toto just invented a portable toilet washer than can be carried around in your bag/purse. The product is available in Japan, since people in Japan are used to having spray mechanisms on public/private toilet, this is also make them really don’t bother to wipe when they go abroad.

toto toilet washer

toto toilet

Toto saw this opportunity and created a portable washer than can help those Japanese to have instant cleaness when nature calls. All they have to do is push a button and the water will spray for cleaning their butt. This is kinda cool, hope it will be available around the world.

toilet portable washer by toto

toilet portable washer

Source : Toto

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11 thoughts on “Portable Washer by Toto

  1. This product has been available for quite some time. I have the Toto C330 Washlet and I'll tell you that thing is great! Having a portable version for travel is a great idea!

  2. I do not know how to order this product for I have been constantlly trying that for the last one year and find it very difficlt.Tekabe AS ALWAYS from Ethiopia

  3. Hello, I am not familiar with this practice to force water by pressure up there. Use some dirty and have a bath instead of piss around with battery powered lawn sprinkler!

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