This Could Be The Future of Citroen 2CV Car

This Citroen concept car has just entered from future for all Citroen 2CV lovers. This concept is designed by David Portela to present a classic model. You will get what you can expect from Citroen 2CV such as the same curved bonnet, hunk sides, roofed rear wheels and much more. Not only this, this futuristic robo-car also features modernistic panoramic windows and steampunky exteriors. Once you have this on the road, you will surely have a feeling of uniqueness and unbelievable. So, get ready to give a modern look to your old Citroen 2CV and just zoom…!!!

citroen 2cv concept car

citroen 2cv concept car

citroen 2cv concept car

Designer : David Portela via AutoMotto

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7 thoughts on “This Could Be The Future of Citroen 2CV Car

  1. wow, ok its a good design exercise but nothing I would ever want to see on the road, Honestly I think they should revive the DS and not the 2cv

  2. Well, it sure gives Citroen a new look. With windshields and windows that huge though, I wonder how much tougher and expensive it will be to replace or repair them in case of damage.

  3. As much as the brand name alone is sure to attract a lot of attention, I do find this car a little odd. It looks a little bit like someone took a small water tank, attached it an engine compartment, then put some wheels on it. That’s not saying I won’t drive this thing when given the chance though.

  4. Not Really Romantic for an authentic car like this one. I can’t really picture myself driving this in the streets of Paris. This model is a classic and can’t be treated like that citroen come on. But that’s just a concept car..

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