Thermodynamic Cooler Requires No Electricity

The Thermodynamic Cooler concept has been designed to optimize the high-tech kitchens of the emerging countries. The system incorporates evaporating water cooling effect for preserving foods and requires no electricity which reduces the consumption of domestic energy without compromising comfort. Its stackable design allows it to be used as a substitute of a second fridge, pantry or a sophisticated fruit bowl. The cooler has two pots, one inside another. The space in between is filled with glass-foam, a waste element of the glass recycling procedure, which has made the entire cooler lighter. The inner pot is enclosed with a damp cloth stretched over the lid and the water of the wet glass-foam start evaporating, resulting a radical drop of temperature. This cooler can destroy injurious micro-organisms and preserves the freshness of the inside food. To keep the cooling method active, you need to add water time to time though.

thermodynamic cooler

thermodynamic cooler

thermodynamic cooler

Designer : Rochus Jacob

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4 thoughts on “Thermodynamic Cooler Requires No Electricity

  1. How effective is this product and is it in commercial production if so where is it available. Is a there a company which markets the same

  2. Actually, the someone was trying to create a more ecofriendly and efficient refrigerator using the same idea. He tried using the cooling effect of water using hydro pumps. However, he accidentally invented the super soaker and decided to invest his time on that instead.

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