The Unmanned Surface Vehicle Named BES Is The Offshore Guardian Of Tomorrow

BES short for Black Eye Sea is an unmanned surface vehicle designed for a variety of missions in littoral waters. The crew has been replaced with state of the art technology, sonars, scanners and a navigation camera, thus eliminating the potential risks of someone getting injured or killed, if the mission is dangerous. The craft is remote controlled from an onshore facility. The designer, Grégory Boucly, has developed the BES for maritime surveillance, detection, tracking and intelligence, undersea surveillance, localization and reconnaissance.

Designer : Gregory Boucly

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As the world is getting more unstable, the BES makes sure the waters it guards are calm, thanks to the optical reconnaissance. The camera mounted on top of the craft can turn 360 degrees, so the personnel operating the vehicle, can have a perfect view of the surroundings. The craft is also equipped with a speaker system, that allows the control tower to engage in friendly discussions with other ship crews in order to identify themselves.

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Gregory created an off-shore guardian, more like the coast guard we know today, only without any crew and with artificial intelligence. BES is also equipped with ASW surveillance (ASW stands for anti-submarine warfare), so it can be used to spot enemy vessels in case there is a conflict in the area. The craft is powered by 3 waterjet engines, it has overall dimensions of 6 m in length, 2.1 m in width and 1.65 m in height. It weighs about 800 kg and has a payload of about 200 kg. The slim design, the shape of a speed boat, give the craft the ability to skid the surface of the water at a 70 knots top speed. With no one on board and with the help of artificial intelligence, the system will demonstrate the capability to track all targets of interest, whether at the surface, subsurface or ashore.

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One thought on “The Unmanned Surface Vehicle Named BES Is The Offshore Guardian Of Tomorrow

  1. Apps for: Search Rescue, Harbor patrol, Gunboat, Cargo, Ferry, Tug.
    & have Control from shore & or other ship at sea.
    Must for the Navy alone to use & have modular systems IE wepons etc for use & Plug & Play Main engine mode.. Must produce this for worldwide use

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