The Sun Is A Handy Electronic Device That Blends Technology With Nature

In our country, we call ‘Broiler Chicken’ to criticize those kids who get fat being inside the home before and after school, having an even fatter lens over the nose playing games only in PCs and other modern gaming platforms. These kids are up to getting the whole wikipedia by heart, but if you ask them about the scent of a rose, they will look strangely to you and will refer you to one of the bottles over their parent’s dressing table.

Technology has changed the whole scenario of your childhood that was full of fun and excitement being close to the nature. Though, technology is playing the most indispensable part of your kid’s development, how many of you would like to see your kids becoming a robot? When both technology and nature is important, The Sun has been designed to balance the issues by creating a blend of technology with nature. This handheld device features sensors and augmented reality technology to provide all the knowledgeable information about a natural element that your kids search for in wikipedia by simply taking photo of the same, which will ultimately enable your children to become more intimate with nature.

Designer : Zhang Yinzi, Xie Meng Ting, Fu Lei, and Liu Lin Qing

the sun

the sun

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