The Perfect Bottle : Modular Stainless Steel Bottle by Brianna Coffey

The Perfect Bottle is a modular bottle that you can transform to just about everything. Babies, toddlers, children to adults find this bottle very useful, it will amaze you every single day. Sleek and beautiful, safe and eco friendly, these patent pending bottle’s functionalities have been developed to be renewable and sustainable for life.

The Perfect Bottle can become two 9oz baby bottles, one 19oz baby bottle (for the extremely thirsty baby), two 9oz toddler sippy cups, one 19oz toddler sippy cup, two 9oz coffee/tea mugs, one 19oz coffee/tea mug, two 9oz snack containers, one 19oz snack container, two 9oz water bottles, one 19oz water bottle, mix and match colors and uses. The possibilities are endless. The company only uses the finest, high quality food grade stainless steel, 100% BPA free, 100% phthalate-free, 100% petroleum free, 100% PVC-free.

The ergonomic design makes this bottle stylish and modern, even small hands can hold it comfortably.

Designer : Brianna Coffey

The Perfect Bottle Born Stainless Collection

The Perfect Bottle Born Stainless Collection

The Perfect Bottle Born Stainless Collection

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