The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

XO-3 is a stunning touchscreen tablet device that has been scheduled to release on 2010 for the One Laptop Per Child project by Yves Behar. This innovative $75 tablet features an all plastic, extremely durable and semi-flexible body that eliminates the possibility of being cracked upon impact like the traditional glass screens. Like previous XO, the screen of XO-3 can also be optimized in both reflective and transmissive modes depending on indoor and outdoor lighting situations. To make it serve its purpose effectively, the XO-3 is packed with kid’s learning tools such as horizontal book mode and portrait reading mode for convenient reading, multi-touch feature allows play and learn by using bare hands, a full-touch keyboard, a back facing camera, and many more.

one laptop per child machine xo-3

one laptop per child machine xo-3

one laptop per child machine xo-3

one laptop per child machine xo-3

Designer : Yves Behar

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8 thoughts on “The One Laptop per Child Machine XO-3 for only $75

  1. I think fuse project is the company that produce this cool product. You guys can visit the website and email the company how to buy it. Just click on the designer's name "Yves Behar" and it will link to there.. hope it help! it's so cool!

  2. Lol. This is just a conceptual design. It didn't come out yet. You just have to wait for prospective investors who want to put money into this. It's a good idea, but the "One Laptop per Child" organization wants to make sure the laptops are sturdy and able to last long. The iPad is $500, it comes from Apple, the leader in computer technology (surpassing Sony in 2009), and still has more limited features than this concept.

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