Hydra Piano Was Inspired By The Mythological Sea Monster

I read once on a music related website, an interesting article regarding Lady Gaga. They said that she had become the most influential person in showbiz. That a lot of people will be inspired directly or indirectly by her looks or by her styles. It seems to me that she should have waited a bit more, with her performance. If she would have done that, she would have asked for this stunning piano. The designer, Apostol Tnokovsky, stumbled on Lady Gaga’s concert while surfing the TV channels, and saw that everything fitted perfectly. It was like the stage, the dancers and the singer where from the same story, except for the piano. Everything had the futuristic touch, the round corners, the exquisite style of Gaga was unique and very modern, the piano though, was not an inspiring choice.

Designer : Apostol Tnokovski

hydra piano concept4

hydra piano concept2

Apostol, saw to this matter and started to create a modern and futuristic design for nowadays performance stages. As more and more artists choose the round shapes and soft lines, the piano fits perfectly in any futuristic theme. The piano’s lines and shape were inspired from the mythological sea monster, “Hydra”. The form of the concept is fluid, organic, resembling the aquatic world the Hydra inhabits. The elegance and purity make the concept appear as if it glides on the surface it is placed on. It represents the fluid movement of the sea monster inside its shape, like the butterfly is held inside by the cocoon. Fluidity in combination with pure glossy white or black colour, create a very powerful futuristic visual effect that should fit in the modern concert stages. The overall design resembles forms and shapes used in the 60s and 70s, when the round organic shapes were the main attraction. I think even Prince would be delighted to play on this piano. The design is absolutely stunning.

hydra piano concept5

hydra piano concept3

hydra piano concept1

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