The Muwi : An Innovation Lawn Mower

The grass that is cut is considered to be the useless remainder while cutting grass. The product “Muwi” benefits the third party in numerous ways by the act of cutting grass in order to create fair grass. “Muwi” first acknowledges the entire size of the land and automatically cuts the grass. The cut grass, which is created upon cutting the grass, is stored inside. As the cut grass begins to accumulate inside the machine, “Muwi” constructs and compresses the cut grass into two types of blocks. Then this cut grass is no longer a remainder that needs extra efforts to be thrown out or cleaned up. It rather becomes balls for children to play with or a chair to sit on or any other opportunity. These newly created blocks give care without even realizing it. Furthermore, after these blocks are used and left behind, they naturally go back to its neighboring nature in time. It is circulated again through nature and gives nature and us the natural consideration.

muwi grass cutter

muwi grass cutter

muwi grass cutter

Designer : Yong Hee Cho, Yuli Sung, Jee Won Lee, and Seung Hee Son

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14 thoughts on “The Muwi : An Innovation Lawn Mower

  1. those leftover chunks will kill any living grass under where they were left, so there's all that extra work to remove them.

    its best to just mulch the pieces and let them restore energy right where they were cut.

    its even better to grow non-mow grass that only reaches the correct height by itself.

    its even better than that to grow a more eco-friendly ground cover than grass, that can do something good for the ecosystem.

  2. could these block/brick thingys be burned as a fuel source for sterling engine apps? i think maybe yes.

    however, i'd like to see it take on my yard after i haven't cut it for a few weeks… 😛

  3. Grass is as natural and earth friendly as you can make it. This idea is a great one, it's like taking the roomba, something millions use, and throwing it outside. It's excellent.

  4. I do not know of anyone that would play with a ball of grass; maybe an IDIOT. Cut grass is good for the lawn. Just mulch it like we do in the USA. Come over and see our nice yards.

  5. This is actually a really great idea if you have horses who like to eat grass. Great way for portion control for them. I want one for my horses.

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