The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium Looks Real and Mesmerizing to Watch

Jellyfish are free-swimming marine animals that move gracefully, they are mesmerizing to watch. This Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium wants to bring that hypnotic animals into your home, but don’t worry, no animals are harm here, they are synthetic jellyfish. It’s a LED-lighted desktop aquarium with two jellyfish, lionfish, or seahorses, it is able to create beautiful ambience in the room. Each aquarium has 18 LEDs, six each of red, blue, and green, and it automatically changes color that causes these synthetic jellyfish to react by glowing different color as they float.

This desktop aquarium is capable to generate gentle currents that move these jellyfish, the integrated motor operates silently. Even though they are just synthetic animals, yet they look real and relaxing to watch. [Buy It Here]

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

The Hypnotic Jellyfish Aquarium

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