Terracotta Family Project Inspired by Traditional Items in Brazilian Homes

Terracotta Family was inspired by traditional items in most Brazilian homes, clay filters. If you are a Brazilian, you probably have good memories whenever you spot one, it’s an iconic household item that gives water a unique taste and it also keeps the water cold even in humid summers.

Terracotta Family is a special project that aims to respect that heritage by avoiding approach to modernize this clay water filter. But it still has to have unique form factor that takes advantage of the materials as well as introduces new functional features such as a handle for better way to lift the upper reservoir and a base to support a drinking glass.

Terracotta Family by Lucas Couto

There’s a book that explains how traditional clay filter of Brazilians can be considered as the best water purification system in the world. This filtration happens due to the result of gravity process where water passes through candles and drips slowly into the lower reservoir.

Terracotta Family project by Lucas Couto explores the looks and properties of terracotta, it has to provide multi-sensorial experience from sight, textures, hearing, touch, smell, and taste. The color should be attractive to make it visually attractive (sight) with good texture for better water absorption. The water drops inside the filter should create nice vitrified sound (hearing) of the material. The of grooves and textures are smooth to touch, providing visualization during the handmade process. You can also smell the earthy aroma of wet terracotta while tasting the unique, fresh water flavor.

Terracotta Family by Lucas Couto

Terracotta Family by Lucas Couto

The cooling property of ceramic makes it possible to use it as a humidifier, especially in the area where air can get dry through the years. The components can be placed in the lid that contains a level indicator to assist user with keeping this humidifier filled. A planter would also be a natural application, this two-compartment model can take advantage of capillarity while that nice smell can come out from that wet ceramic.

Terracotta Family by Lucas Couto

Terracotta Family by Lucas Couto

There’s also a pendant lamp to complete the line of Terracotta Family. It has simple shape that enhances the material while the inner part of this pendant is covered with a white glaze to enhance light reflection.

More images of Terracotta Family:
Terracotta Family by Lucas CoutoTerracotta Family by Lucas CoutoTerracotta Family by Lucas CoutoTerracotta Family by Lucas Couto

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