Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

The Tamtam flash is an innovative concept that has been designed to function like a local to aid tourists finding a place and typical things of the place that they would like to see. The Tamtam looks like a compact and pocketable traditional flash light that projects navigation information of the desired way of the user to make them feel secured in an unknown foreign environment by generating an immediate and intuitive way of path finding. Moreover, it features a zoom-able and scrollable digital map and can project a typical map on any flat surface as well. The user can select one from the two navigation modes by turning the aperture and zoom in and out on the map in the map mode. Besides, it can read QR tags placed at various points-of-interests and show additional information about that place. You can read more about TamTam Flash at http://studioblog.designaffairs.com/

tamtam flash

tamtam flash

tamtam flash

tamtam flash

Designer : Designaffairs STUDIO

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4 thoughts on “Tamtam Flash Features an Innovative and Intuitive Way of Navigation

  1. Must for worldwide, students at college, B&B Inns, hotels, resorts, beaches, esp EU & Asia.

    How neat.

    Produce this worldwide, link to Ipad?

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