Architectural Vision of the Future : Aquapolitain by HWANG Tzy-Lung Stefan

Cities were first built at the water’s edge to benefit from its beneficence, but some are nowadays threatened by rising sea level and their lands will decrease while their growth always requires more space and the surrounding land no longer allow expansion. Building on the sea is more than conceivable, especially as technically feasible. Several […]


uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree by Xabier Perez de Arenaza

uTree Urban Photovoltaic Tree is the new and better version of the old Urban Tree concept submitted for the “Plan Solar de Navarra” competition. As you can see, compared to the old model, both this urban tree design and functions have been improved and modernized. The basic idea was to create urban structure for the […]


Dango Tactical EDC Wallet for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Dango Tactical EDC Wallet is a gorgeous wallet that holds up to 12 cards (both business or credit cards). It’s crafted from genuine top grain leather then secured to Dango wallet chassis with mil-spec bolts. This wallet has been designed specially for outdoor enthusiasts that love keeping things clean and organized. There are more than 14 built-in function within this wallet, including RFID that blocks outsiders to try to steal your information. […]

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