8 Most Handy Robot Designs That Can Make Our Life Easier

Before inventing robots, people were more active. Does that mean robots are meant to be making people idle? Of course not. Robots are machines that follow instruction accurately which in turn boost the productivity and efficiency of its performance. Ultimately robots can do more tasks in less time. So what is the moral? Making life […]


Kanibot Surveillance Robot Can Go Anywhere With Its Spider Like Design

Kanibot is an innovative robot concept that has been designed to work as a surveillance robot with various handy functionalities. This spider like design of the robot features six mechanical legs with the ability to perform all-way movement, giving the robot the opportunity to go on almost any surfaces. The main body features a powerful […]


RIMOWA Never Still Canvas Travel Backpack – Luxury Traveling Backpack

RIMOWA Travel Backpack is part of Never Still collection. Just like Flap Backpack, this model is also designed with flexibility in mind. Made in Italy, each bag is crafted out of premium materials such as durable canvas and full-grain leather, it comes with an exterior large zipped pocket where you can keep […]

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