Orbital Food Organizer For Healthier and Practical Way To Prepare Your Meals

Orbital Food Organizer is a combination of a microwave cooker and food storage. Our modern lifestyle demands high commute hours in traffic, from home and back while we use our personal time to care other important things. We don’t even stop to think about fulfilling one of our fundamental needs: healthy eating. Most of us […]


FILE IT Can Keep Your Shoes Organized In A Handy And Stylish Way

If keeping messy shoes organized in a crowded and shared apartment is the only concern, there might be a lot of alternatives, but doing it in style and innovation would make FILE IT shoe organizer concept unique and appreciable. Filing folders are always a good solution for keeping files organized which was the main concentration […]


purME Air – Wearable Air Purifier Mask with Built-in UV-C Light

After a successful first model and many feedback from the community, purME has come back with the second generation, purME Air, the wearable air purifier. We all know that right now, air pollution has become one of biggest threats for human race, it can cause heart attacks, strokes, respiratory diseases, to […]

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